Creative Placemaking and Beyond book

I am delighted to say that Dr Anita McKeown and I will be publishing a book of papers from our conference sessions at Royal Geographic Society and American Association of Geographers, Creative Placemaking and Beyond. The book will be out Spring 2018, published by Routledge. 

The arts-driven placemaking sector has reached a moment in both maturity and diversity where it demands a critique and deeper understanding of practice. Specifically focusing on notions of creative placemaking (Markusen & Gadwa, 2010) and Social Practice Placemaking (Courage, 2016) towards arts-led resilient practices (McKeown, 2015 ), this book addresses the vital need for theorists to be in dialogue with practitioners to create dynamic feedback loops that inform theory and practice .

This book curates a range of scholars and artist-scholars to present socially practiced, co-produced and citizen-led placemakings as a response to a bottom-up need or desire rather than a top-down imposition, with artists, participants and a range of creatives and other professions form ecologies of practice. If Creative Placemaking is to contribute to places-in-the-making (Silberberg, 2013) and encourage citizen-led agency new conceptual frameworks and practical methodologies will be required, advocating transdisciplinary, resilient processes and new models of theory and practice.