Creative Placemaking book out soon

I am delighted to say that my third book, Creative Placemaking: Research, Theory and Practice will be out for the start of September.

Co-edited with Dr Anita McKeown the curated book both deconstructs and reconstructs the field of creative placemaking from a global research and practice perspective, including a reflective piece from the people that coined the term, the legendary Anne Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus. 

More information here, including a link to pre-order, and TOC below. 

book cover.jpg


Table of Contents

Introduction Curating Research, Theory and Practice (Cara Courage and Anita McKeown) 

Section One – Evolving Ecologies 

  • 1 Creative Placemaking: Reflections on a 21st Century American Arts Policy Initiative, (Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus)
  • 2 Spaces of Vernacular Creativity Reconsidered, (Tim Edensor and Steve Millington) 

Section Two – Dialogical Ecologies

  • 3 Turning local interests into local action: Community-Based Art and the case of Wrecked! On The Intertidal Zone, (Dominic Walker)
  • 4 Arrivals and Departures: Navigating an Emotional Landscape of Belonging and Displacement at Barangaroo in Sydney, Australia (Sarah Barns)
  • 5 A Case for Human-Scale Social Space in Mumbai (Aditi Nargundkar Pathak) 

Section Three - Scalable Ecologies 

  • 6 A Rural Case: Beyond Creative Placemaking (Margo Handwerker)
  • 7 Creative Placemaking in Peri-Urban Gothenburg – Mission Impossible? (Michael Landzelius and Peter Rundqvist)
  • 8 A Conversation between a Collaborating Artist and Curator: Placemaking, Socially Engaged Art, and Deep Investment in People (Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh) 

Section 4 – Challenging Ecologies 

  • 9 Temporary Spatial Object/Architecture as a Typology for Placemaking (Torange Khonsari)
  • 10 Place Guarding: Activist Art against Gentrification (Stephen Pritchard)
  • 11 Outros Espaços: Apathy and Lack of Engagement in Participatory Processes (Luísa Alpalhão) 

Section 5 – Extending Ecologies 

  • 12 Towards Beauty and a Civics Of Place: Notes From The Thriving Cities Project, (Anna Marazuela Kim and Joshua J Yates)
  • 13 From Indicators to Face Validity to Theory—and Back Again: Measuring Outcomes of U.S. Creative Placemaking Projects (Sunil Iyengar)

Conclusion Moving into the beyond – what’s next for creative placemaking? (Anita McKeown and Cara Courage)