Look At The Estate We're In

Last week I was honoured to be part of the Look At The Estate We’re In (LATEWI) conference, organised by students at Camberwell College of Arts and Peckham Platform.

The subject of the conference in its largest form was the politics of the housing estate as they intersect with the arts, ‘an exploration of the unmapped relationship between the council estate, the community and the arts’.

I was part of the symposia talk, ‘Power to the People? Self organisation versus official arts organisations’, alongside Emily Druiff from Peckham Platform, Focus E15 Mothers, and Lois Keidan and Katy Baird from Live Art Development Agency. Our talk included the storytelling of the activist pressure group Focus E15 Mothers, and went on to discuss the relation between the ‘arts organisation’ and the activist artist. The photo with this blog post is of the Peckham Peace Wall, an apposite image that for me sums up the politic and art of the festival.

I also ran a LookUp workshop around Peckham, the photos from which can be found here.

Next week I will be continuing the conversations started at LATEWI, and starting others, at Some[w]Here Now – The Day of Small Conversations, at the Pump House Gallery. The day’s focus is on ‘exploring how artists may work collaboratively, with ‘local’ communities and in ‘public’ places, in the context of Now’ – and more information can be found here

Peckham Peace Wall, Peckham Square, London SE15. Peckham Platform (2012). 

Peckham Peace Wall, Peckham Square, London SE15. Peckham Platform (2012).