Creative Placemaking: Research, Theory and Practice out now

I am delighted to say that my third book, Creative Placemaking: Research, Theory and Practice is out now, and available to buy at online book stores and direct from the publisher in hardback and ebook form.

Co-edited with Dr Anita McKeown the curated book both deconstructs and reconstructs the field of creative placemaking from a global research and practice perspective, including a reflective piece from the people that coined the term, the legendary Anne Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus.

More information here, including a link to order, and TOC below.

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Table of Contents


Introduction Curating Research, Theory and Practice (Cara Courage and Anita McKeown)


Section One – Evolving Ecologies

1 - Creative Placemaking: Reflections on a 21st Century American Arts Policy Initiative, (Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus)

2 - Spaces of Vernacular Creativity Reconsidered, (Tim Edensor and Steve Millington)


Section Two – Dialogical Ecologies

3 - Turning local interests into local action: Community-Based Art and the case of Wrecked! On The Intertidal Zone, (Dominic Walker)

4 - Arrivals and Departures: Navigating an Emotional Landscape of Belonging and Displacement at Barangaroo in Sydney, Australia (Sarah Barns)

5 - A Case for Human-Scale Social Space in Mumbai (Aditi Nargundkar Pathak)


Section Three - Scalable Ecologies

6 - A Rural Case: Beyond Creative Placemaking (Margo Handwerker)

7 - Creative Placemaking in Peri-Urban Gothenburg – Mission Impossible? (Michael Landzelius and Peter Rundqvist)

8 - A Conversation between a Collaborating Artist and Curator: Placemaking, Socially Engaged Art, and Deep Investment in People (Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh)


Section 4 – Challenging Ecologies

9 - Temporary Spatial Object/Architecture as a Typology for Placemaking (Torange Khonsari)

10 - Place Guarding: Activist Art against Gentrification (Stephen Pritchard)

11 - Outros Espaços: Apathy and Lack of Engagement in Participatory Processes (Luísa Alpalhão)


Section 5 – Extending Ecologies

12 - Towards Beauty and a Civics Of Place: Notes From The Thriving Cities Project, (Anna Marazuela Kim and Joshua J Yates)

13 - From Indicators to Face Validity to Theory—and Back Again: Measuring Outcomes of U.S. Creative Placemaking Projects (Sunil Iyengar)


Conclusion Moving into the beyond – what’s next for creative placemaking? (Anita McKeown and Cara Courage)

Theatres Trust keynote - notes

It was an honour and a joy to give the opening keynote at this years Theatres Trust annual conference, on the topic of placemaking. The day was packed full of fascinating, inspiring and useful case studies of projects up and down the country, a great insight into how others are approaching the placemaking challenges in their areas, a very beneficial knowledge exchange.

Thank you to Jon Morgan and team for putting it all together and creating a programme that really got to grips with the subject matter across a diverse cohort of stakeholders. 

The slides and notes from my keynote can be found here, defining what placemaking is, what placemaking means for theatres and theatre practitioners, and challenges for the future. 


(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit, Theatres Trust Conference 2017 (_DSC0034).jpg

Placemaking Typology paper at Inclusive Placemaking conference

The Institute of Place Management, based at Manchester Metropolitan University, is holding its fourth International Biennial Conference, this time with the theme of 'inclusive placemaking'. 

I am presenting on the Thursday on the subject of the placemaking typology created as part of my PhD. My paper, Creative placemaking: A typology of placemaking through the prism of arts practices and processes, is part of the 'Arts/Anchors - Placemaking, arts and culture/music' strand, and I will be presenting alongside Jan Brown (Creative placemaking using music: Supporting the development of a community-led approach to music policy in the city of Liverpool, UK) and Justyna Anders and Marta Herezniak (Community-bonding and placemaking function of music in the strategies of creative cities). Keynote speakers are Ethan Kent, from Project for Public Spaces and Phil Prentice from Scotland's Towns Partnership.

Full conference information and its programme can be found here