RGS 2016

This last week saw Dr Anita McKeown, University College Dublin, and I convene two sessions over four panels at the Royal Geographical Society international conference. These curated sessions looked through two lens into the meeting of arts and geography through theory, research and practice, papers from academics, artists and artist-academics – and presented as both prose, verse, performance and film – and closed with a world café group discussion on issues raised in the day and around this converging of practices in general.

Feedback from participants and audience alike has been overwhelmingly positive and long-lasting connections were made on the day. Anita and I certainly have a lot to think on now about how to progress these ideas further and will be working with the group to do so – watch this space!

The day started with ‘Sensory orientations: transversal practices and dissemination within art and geography’:

·         Breaking the Frame: Spatial Ideology and Resistant Practice-led Research Approaches, Lucy Livingstone (University of Northumbria, UK)

·         Guide74: a mountain recording activity, Luce Choules (Independent Artist)

·         Collaborative Narration –An Artist's Practice, Jane Dudman (Newcastle University, UK)

·         (Re)Art (Re)Geography (Re)Performance, Charlie Rawson (Independent Artist)

The following three panels were under the ‘The Nexus of Art and Geography: practice as research’ session:

·         Art without artists? An experiment in facilitating community-led arts commissioning, Phil Jones (University of Birmingham, UK)

·         A translocal approach to dialogue-based art, Rachelle Knowles (Coventry University, UK)

·         Qualitative representation in the space between arts practice and geography, John Stell (University of Leeds, UK)

·         CRYSTALLINE - The Arctic Circle, Siobhan McDonald (Independent Artist)

·         Interrogating Territory: Borders, fictions and contradictions, Anne Gough (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

·         Brokering Connections: public art as a nexus of knowledge production, Elaine Speight (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

·         Mapping the Scottish Borders: collaborative art practices, Inge Panneels (Northumbria University, UK)

·         Always Outsiders: Map-less Social Practice Art in the Ancient Landscape of a Global Geopark, Stephen Pritchard (Northumbria University)

·         Bodies of Water, Amy Sharrocks (Independent Artist)

·         Visualising Changing Identities, Communities and Labour Practices on Dublins' Docks, Moira Sweeney (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)

·         Expeditions as Art: Impacts of Fieldwork by Artist-Geographers in Our New Ecological Reality, Andrew Ranville (Independent Artist)

·         Breaks, flows, interruptions: Discovering new questions through collaborative research, Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd (The Drawing Shed)