Placemaking Leadership Council

I am very pleased to announce that I will be attending the inaugural meeting of the Placemaking Leadership Council in Detroit this April. Founded by Project for Public Spaces, the Placemaking Leadership Council is an international group of those involved in all aspects of placemaking, with the aim being to strengthen placemaking as a movement and this first meeting will be agenda setting.

This is a great honour and opportunity for me and my PhD research and to meet those that I have cited in essays and followed their work and I also hope to meet with potential PhD case studies in New York and Detroit when I am there.

I'll blog about my trip here and share my funding report too - this trip would not have been possible without the generous funding from University of Brighton and the Centre for Research and Development, and a donation from colleague (also a member of the Placemaking Leadership Council), Richard Wolfstrome.

Image by Jim Stephenson.