BrightonLookUp - teaching resource

I found out recently that BrightonLookUp has been used as a teaching resource with a local youth organisation, which made me very happy as its just this kind of public reach that I wanted the project to achieve. the youth leader, Natalie Kane, kindly wrote about the work for me: I am a Support Art Trainer at Nacro in Brighton, a crime prevention charity that teaches 16-19 year olds with challenging circumstances and particular learning requirements. Many of our students are ex-offenders or at risk, so their education is focused very much on getting them back into education. Our students are working towards their BTEC Level One Art and Design Qualification, and have the opportunity to complete the Bronze Art Award as a supplementary qualification. 

Over the course of our units, we do a series of observational drawings in preparation for their final assessment. This year we decided to look at architecture and the urban environment as a basis for their Exploring Drawing and Printmaking Units. I found Brighton Look Up a particularly interesting and useful resource to base our group walks on as it allowed an alternative view of Brighton, which encouraged a lot of conversation on how urban environments develop as cities change. We've previously based work on Brighton landmarks which students have found boring as they've spent so much time around them, or have used them for other work. BLU gave them a chance to rediscover the city they live in. I have to admit, I had to do a few quick google searches to see if I could find historical facts about certain places!

Several students have used sketches of buildings and details found on Brighton Look Up based 'routes' as a basis for their linocuts, and several noted their own points of interest when we were walking. I'd love to use this again as a much more structured part of our activities.