Degenerate Art GONG Show

I was recently a 'judge', along with Jon Pratty from Arts Council England, and Chris T-T, for the Degenerate Art GONG Show. A Fortunecat Production event, this was held as part of Brighton £5 Fringe in May. The third in a series of Art GONG Shows, it aimed to draw a new line in the sand between modern concepts of decency in art on one side, and the degenerates on the other, work that showed evidence of, or dealt directly with, physical, mental or moral decline.

A mix of artforms and work were shown, the artist introducing the work and the voted on - winner got a cash prize of £25 and the artist with the fewest votes was be banned from showing such work for one year.

A film of the event can be found here, and a shorter version will appear soon.