Tactical urbanism and citizenship

I have had a paper published in 'engage', the journal of the National Association for Gallery Education (no32, London, edited by Karen Raney), entitled 'The Global Phenomenon of Tactical Urbanism as an Indicator of New Forms of Citizenship'. The paper can be found via this link (subscription only though I am afraid) and the opening paragraph of it can be found below as a taster:

Tactical urbanism is the term given to the global phenomenon of informal interventions in the urban fabric – both cultural and physical. It is an umbrella term for many sub-genres of activity, including hacktivism, guerrilla, DIY, acupuncture, opensource, subversive, stealth or wiki urbanism that share common modus operandi, aims and objectives. Tactical urbanism tends to be grassroots and bottom-up, has anti-authoritarian characteristics and aims to enhance the urban lived experience through  ncremental strategies of improvement. It is often temporary, low cost, quick to install and dismantle, informal, spontaneous, participatory and driven by community issues, and often initiated by emerging architects, artists and creative urbanists working outside of professional boundaries.

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