Art Tunnel Smithfield

I visited Dublin this week, to meet with Sophie von Maltzan of Fieldwork and Strategies, and the founder of Art Tunnel Smithfield. I will write a longer blog about the project soon, but here to begin with is a photo essay of the Art Tunnel, a very special place in the heart of the Smithfield area of north Dublin. East and westward views.

eastward view 01 (Copy)


westward view 01 (Copy)

Art Tunnel Smithfield in-situ.

Dice Bar (Copy)

Glass House 01 (Copy)

houses opposite (Copy)

McGettigans (Copy)


Situated opposite Dice Bar (a sponsor too) and McGettingans, next to the Glass House, and opposite houses akin to what would have been on the site, cleared for the Luas line. The Luas itself sits right next to the garden and whilst pedestrians aren’t meant to walk it, they do.

east end 02 (Copy)

Luas 01 (Copy)

Various signs sit along the barrier walling to signpost people to the garden and how to get involved, and here’s an example too of a poster, as seen in the nearby Smithfield Third Space café.

barrier sign 01 (Copy)

barrier sign 03 (Copy)

barrier sign 06 (Copy)

barrier sign 07 (Copy)

barrier sign 09 (Copy)

open sign (Copy)

poster in third space (Copy)

billboard 01 (Copy)

The Art Tunnel itself is a long strip of garden, artwork and social space, used for community meetings and hanging out. Entrance is via a code and a padlock – around 60 have the code with a core group of 20 using it most.

believe 03 (Copy)

birds 01 (Copy)

garden 01 (Copy)

garden 02 (Copy)

garden 03 (Copy)

iron work 01 (Copy)

iron work 02 (Copy)

iron work 03 (Copy)

pathway 01 (Copy)

pathway 02 (Copy)

pathway 03 (Copy)

wish tree 01 (Copy)

you should (Copy)


know what 02 (Copy)

The artwork changes on a three-monthly basis, the current commission is by by Paul Terry, Fiona Gannon and Sorcha Murphy.

art work 01 (Copy)

art work 03 (Copy)

seat 01 (Copy)