LookUp is a crowdsourced architecture and photography project with the aim of getting people to ‘look up’ and see what is around them. We do it when we go somewhere as a tourist, but perhaps less so in the place we call home, our gaze down, on our way somewhere, thinking about our everyday things. 

The criteria for inclusion is simple: has to be an architectural detail, permanent or temporary, old or new, has to be one storey up or more. 

LookUp started in Brighton and Hove, where I posted a different LookUp for each day of 2013 (and more keep coming!) and has also featured in the UK, Belfast, Bradford, Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff, Croydon, Edinburgh, Exeter, Hastings, Leeds, Lewes, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Margate, Newcastle, Norwich, Peckham, Portsmouth, Saltaire, Sittingbourne, Walthamstow and Woking; and internationally, Chicago, Dublin, Indianapolis, Prague, San Francisco and Toronto. 

LookUp has attracted a lot of print and broadcast coverage; has been used in formal and informal education; and a workshop has been developed to use in any place, based on an ‘urban wander’ sourcing of LookUp’s with members of the public to create their own LookUp gallery. If you are interested in hosting a workshop where you live, please do get in touch. 

Thanks to everyone that has sent me in their ideas and to add more, either email me here or post to the Facebook page.