The Modern Brighton and Hove map is an architectural guide to examples of architecture in Brighton and Hove and its close surrounds built in the last 100 years, including commercial and domestic Brutalist, Modernist, Art Deco and contemporary architecture.

The two-sided map will illustrate c50 examples of modern architecture across the city, those that are celebrated and listed for their architectural significance, those go unrecognised, and those that are signalling new ways of living, from Embassy Court and Saltdean Lido to Brutalist Hove Town Hall and Brighton Centre and Odeon, and contemporary builds such as the Brighton Greenway housing, the Waste House and eco-homes.

The map is designed to be used as a walking exploration of the city and its heritage built environment through its contemporary architecture, and teaching guide. Each featured building will be located on the city map and include an image and architectural information on the reverse, along with an introduction to modern architecture. 

The map launched in 2017 with a programme of talks and guided walks, and is sold in local shops and online via its shop and Amazon. 

I collaborate on this project with Paul Zara, Conran&Partners, placemaker, Richard Wolfstrome, and architectural photographer and founder of MiniClick, Jim Stephenson. It is been funded by RIBA Sussex and the Sussex branch of the RSA.