I am a placemaking specialist and member of the international Placemaking Leadership Council, the RSA and The Academy of Urbanism, and have worked across the globe on placemaking frameworks, and projects from masterplanning to the grassroots. I take participative, collaborative and and co-produced approaches to placemaking projects and have developed a specialism in social practice placemaking, a co-produced practice informed by social practice arts and that works with the community as the experts-in-place, and a term I created as an output from my PhD.  

Social practice placemaking uses collaborative techniques and processes as a tactic in not only improving the built environment and public realm but in strengthening communities, going beyond public consultation to embedding the community in the project from the start as equal stakeholders, co-designers and co-producers. It uses creative means to elicit the community’s needs and wants of a place and works with them to realise that aspiration, whether this be as an experience through events or the creation of artefacts for example.

I have worked with Thriving Cities as a researcher of creative placemaking metrics, conducting a literature and methods review across academia and the sector, platforming new models of evaluation, and signposting new avenues for development and exploration. This work is ongoing and extending into a larger research centre. 

I work at Futurecity as a Strategist, working with developer and local authority and city administration clients in creating cultural masterplans for developments, boroughs, towns and cities in the UK and globally. 

This activity is underpinned by my own practice as a placemaker and expert in arts in the public realm, and a built environment education specialism, having worked with Architecture Centre Network and its members nationwide; UK local and national government including DCMS, DCLG, and DfE; and educational and architectural organisations such as STEMNET, LOCOG, RIBA and the V&A. 

Please contact me for my CV, see my LinkedIn page, or take a look at my TEDxIndianapolis talk, or read my book, Arts in Place: The Arts, the Urban and Social Practice (Routledge, 2017; and it can be bought direct from the publisher with the discount code FLR40.)