I work as Head of Tate Exchange, based at Tate Modern, London.

Tate Exchange is an open experiment which seeks to explore the role of art in society. It includes international artists, contributors from different fields, the public, and over sixty Associates, who work within and beyond the arts, on creating an annual themed programme of participatory artworks, workshops, activities and debates that draw directly on the different ways that art has become active over the last sixty years.

Over this time, artists have changed our understanding of what art can be and what it can do. Artists have involved the public more directly in responding and contributing to their practice and even in making work itself. Many have developed practices and processes that draw on everyday life, sometimes seeking to transform it. Similar practices and processes may also be found in other forms of social engagement and within community and educational settings.


In Tate Exchange we invite the public and associated organisations to get involved with the ways that artists work. We create a platform for people to take part in, and contribute to, experiences and ideas that makes art relevant to our lives today.

We are a team of Head of (myself), Programmer, Production Manager and Production Assistants and Visitor Experience, and we work within the larger Tate Exchange team and also with team members across Learning, with Associates and with artists involved with the programme.