The Future Library is a collection of imaginary book titles about a city that does not yet exist, titles that from the already known or being asked of the city, to stimulate thought, inspiration and debate on what that city may look like in the future.

The Future Library asks diverse residential, professional, sector, cultural and municipal individuals and communities to consider the practical, the ambitious, the revolutionary and the provocative imaginings of the future city, its space and its people.

The Future Library acts as a diagnostic snapshot of the contemporary city via its fictional renderings of the future city. It blurs the boundaries between the real and the imagined to provoke, in direct response or opposition, the thought and action to make that writing of the city history happen and the action of what could be realised in the immediate and long-term futures.

Contributors from a broad spectrum across the city are invited to propose a missing title for The Future Library for an idea that is believed vital for understanding and transforming the city but is as yet unwritten and unrealised. The contents of the book are left to be written in the course of time. All that is displayed are the book title and dust-jacket information.

The project is starting in Brighton and Hove in 2016, in collaboration with Threshold (and others TBA), and features a programme of events to extend city-thinking conversation and action beyond the installation itself, and will then tour as a practice to and for other UK and international cities. 

The Future Library titles for Brighton and Hove include:

·         Tower Block – a history of opposition to building up in Brighton and Hove

·         Planning in austere times: the fate of the city masterplan during austerity politics 2010 to 2050