My PhD research project investigated a type of placemaking that I have come to term social practice placemaking.

My thesis ‘Making places: performative arts practices in the city’ resulted from a research project focused on a practice of placemaking informed by performative and social practice artforms. The research is concerned with grassroots arts-led interventions in the urban realm, participated in by citizens with an aim to improve the urban lived experience and to form and cultivate connections between people, place and community. This has come to be termed in the course of the research ‘social practice placemaking’ (SPPM), a practice observed in the placemaking sector as an approach that is informed by social practice arts and an attention on these arts as a means of urban revitalization. 

Operating at the intersection of arts, placemaking and urban theory, and place attachment thinking, the research has used a comparative approach based on participant observation and interviews at three case study sites: Art Tunnel Smithfield, Dublin, an outdoor art gallery and garden space; the drawing shed, Walthamstow, London, a social arts practice predominantly operating in housing estates in Walthamstow and Wandsworth; and Big Car, Indianapolis, an arts organisation operating across the whole of this Midwest USA city.

Findings are along three themes. Firstly, of the art practice and process of SPPM, revealing the collaborative SPPM art experience. Secondly, of urban space and place and SPPM as a means of reinterpreting both spatial and cultural activities of the city. Thirdly, of place attachment and SPPM and its role in and citizenship conscientisation and the politics of SPPM activity in the urban public realm.

The research presents an original typology of practice for the placemaking sector and examines the practice, process and role of arts in the placemaking sector and positions social practice placemaking in the social practice arts field. Significantly, the presentation of data includes the voice of the artist and non-artist protagonists.

The research has various implications for the sector. Firstly, for creative and urban professionals and communities, by revealing how social practice placemaking can deepen an understanding of the relative agencies of the various modes of arts in place. Secondly, how this practice may advance placemaking practice as a whole by its use to better understand differences and similarities between placemakings within the placemaking sector, and from this, better communicate its practices to constituent stakeholders in the creative, urban design and community sectors. Thirdly, how this practice can inform the understanding of collective progressive citizenship in the urban realm and inform generative planning practices. 

The research question was:

How are urban places made and remade through performative arts practices?

and its research aims were:

1.       to examine the practice and process of performative arts-informed placemaking and its affect on the emplaced arts experience;

2.       to investigate what existing space and place thinking can contribute to performative arts-informed placemaking, and this artform as a means of reinterpreting the urban public realm;

3.       to explore the role of emplaced performative arts practice in shaping social cohesion, arts and civic participation and citizenship.

Papers, posters and chapters can be found on my page, here, as well as listed in my academic CV, here, and my blog carries news of my presentation and conference appearances. 



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Convened conferences

‘The Archers in fact and fiction: Academic analyses of life in rural Borsetshire’, at University of Liverpool in London, co-organised with University of Stirling and University of Liverpool colleagues, 2016 (100 attendees), February 2016


Published posters

Placemaking typology, August 2014/January 2015

Relocalism: local research of a global phenomenon, January 2013 - winner of University of Brighton Student and Public poster competition awards 2013


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Forthcoming and in development

‘Making places: performative arts practices in the city’, PhD thesis monograph, Routledge, 2016

‘Creative Placemaking and Beyond’, co-edited book, with Routledge, anticipated 2017

Placemaking textbook/reader, with Routledge, anticipated 2017

‘The Archers in fact and fiction: Academic analyses of life in rural Borsetshire’, conference proceedings, with BBC, anticipated 2016

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